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On site payment tools for your Convenience

On site payment tools for your Convenience

Our Prices

Pack and Save Moving Company does not have hidden charges. Naturally; the more details you provide of your current and destination address’s will determine a better quote.
If you forget to mention important or time consuming details; yes- price will change. (even on a flat-rate)

schedule a walk-through

Free Walk-through within the Austin area.

Out of town? Not a problem. You can email us pictures or video pointing out what you will need moved.

A Walk-Through is highly recommended for large home moves.
This gives us/you a more precise number of hours it will take to do your home move; which will also give the dollar amount.
           At the end of your walk-through, we present you with three choices:

*Regular hourly rate (as previously stated)

*A Not to Exceed amount: only changes if estimated time is less

*Flat-rate: cannot be changed by anyone – even if the estimated time is less or more.

after hours and weekend moves

Too busy to pack and move your home yourself? Can’t take a whole day or two off to pack? We understand. That’s why we offer packing services, after hours and weekend moves. Our movers will work around your available hours.


*Check our (BLOG) page for current specials.

Ask us about (if any) special offers are in affect. On occasion we do have specials IE: call and book on same day, middle of the week, multi moves, schedule walk-through and schedule your move on the same day, holiday or seasonal sales.

Our Rates start at:

  • $120. per hour - 2 men

  • $180. per hour - 3 men

  • $200. per hour - 4 men

$60. fuel within Austin area (1 Truck)

$80. fuel within 10 miles outside Austin (1 truck)

flat Rates available for:

  • Individual items within move or a delivery:

    1- Piano - starting at $175. each

    2- Safe - 50 lbs to 200 lbs starting at $175. each

    3- Golf Cart - 400 lbs to 800 lbs starting at $500. each

  • One to four pieces moved or delivered

  • Large homes moving and packing services (best with walk-through service)

  • Long-distance home moves ( best with walk-through service)


Top 8 most requested

  1. Wardrobe box w/bar         24”x 24” x 48”


  2. TV box up to 65”


  3. Dish pack box                  24 1/8”x 12”x 11”


  4. Extra-large box                 24” x 18” x 24”


  5. Large box                           20”x 20”x 15”


  6. Medium box                      18”x 14”x 12”

    7. Small box          16 3/8” x 12 5/8” x 12 5/8”


    8. Packing Paper                25 lbs 400 sheets


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